Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I am the best mom ever... or something like that.

So, Malia has decided on her Halloween costume and it's arrived at the home. The conversation leading up to said costume went something like this:

Malia: Mom, I've decided what I want to be for Halloween.
Me: Oh really? You decided which Princess you wanted to be?
Malia: I can't be a princess, mom. It's just not scary. I want to be a bat and I have to have wings that I can flap and fly around with.
Me: Oh, what made you decide to be a bat?
Malia: Well, I decided that I was something nice last year and I wanted to be something scary this year.
Me: So, bats are scary huh?
Malia: Yeah, I though maybe I would be a cat, but they just aren't scary enough. So, I decided to be a bat.
Me: ...
Malia: So, can I be a bat?
Me: Sure.

Sadly, this conversation is nearly verbatim. Here is a pic of the costume I purchased:

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She is beyond excited to wear this costume out and about. Every day when we get home she informs me that Halloween is tomorrow so I better remember to put her in her bat costume. Every morning she then gets angry with me when I let her know that it's not, in fact, Halloween yet and that she has X amount of days left.

On the upside to this, she will wear her bat costume for about an hour in the evenings, which is an improvement on the running around in her panties. So it's win/win of sorts. She gets to be a bat for an hour every evening, and I don't have to holler at her to put on clothes for at least that long.

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The Larson Family said...

So it looks like JC finally got his way... bats/vampires. Pretty close at least. We will be sure not to tell her though. Miss you guys. - Carin