Friday, April 4, 2008

I have a budding artist in my home

So, I woke this morning to the following on my living room wall:

Yep, those are paintings in various mediums including marker, crayon, and my favorite... finger paint.

Only one of them is actually with finger paint and it's a little heavy.
It's kind of dripping down the paper there is so much on it.

Upon viewing the gallery I asked Malia how she stuck them on the wall and she told me she used glue. After taking a few deep breathes to stave off the urge to strangle I asked her where the rest of the bottle was and she told me that she didn't know. We spent the next twenty minutes searching for what I feared was an open and leaking all over bottle of super glue since that is the only kind of glue I have in my house and I'm pretty sure she didn't run to the corner gas station with her piggy bank to buy a different kind. Eventually she owned up that she had not in fact used glue to stick her lovely pictures to the wall. She had used a different color of finger paint.


Yes, that is yellow finger paint used to stick her pictures to the wall. I give her bonus points for ingenuity, but the urge to strangle is still there a little bit even though it's over 4 hours after discovery. I asked why we spent 20 minutes looking for missing glue that was never around in the first place and she told me that she didn't want to make me more angry. It wouldn't have made me more angry as that was not possible, but it did prolong the amount of time devoted to my anger.

I'm not yet sure if this tops my create efforts as a child as I just went right for the wall. I'll make that decision after I spend the evening scraping finger paint off my walls. I might get lucky in that I think I bought washable finger paint.

I've not yet determined the punishment as I decided it would be better if I waited until I calmed down sufficiently to not include the aforementioned strangulation. I'm open to suggestions.

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Carin said...

Good Luck with that... You handle that so well. I can wait for those days with Zenock. I think I need to learn more patience. :)