Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am calling you out JC

JC and I were texting the other day about being fat. According to the BMI index thingie, he is 60 pounds overweight. I am 135 overweight. Obviously, I am way more fat than he is. He challenged me to race him to losing the weight. I'm happy to note that I have taken that challenge and have also taken steps to grind him into the dust. Especially since texting last week he let me know that he gained 5, while I stayed even.

I have not only joined the gym and have been attending each evening for a few weeks, but last night I worked with a personal trainer for the first time. I've decided to get rid of internet at home in order to spend the money on a personal trainer once every other week. Part of that plan gives me a pre-defined workout and diet plan to get going. I figure by going to the gym and doing a workout like I had last night (my butt and thighs really hurt) I won't have the energy to want to surf around on the internet when I get home. I'm just going to want to sit in the swimming pool and let Malia play. She's beyond excited that the pool is opening soon. It'll be open starting Memorial Day weekend and they've just finished up refinishing and re-tiling so it's all fresh and beautiful.

I've digressed a bit. In talking with the trainer, I found out that if I follow the plan, I can be down to my ultimate goal of losing 135 (maybe even more, we'll see how I look) in a year.
So JC, you have a year to lose your 65! As I'm totally excited about this, I'll probably be posting updates at least monthly. I'll be doing body measurements that often with the trainer.

Get cracking JC because I'm going to beat you even though I have twice the amount to lose!

And for those of you who only really read this for the rugrat pictures and updates, here you go:


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Carin said...

Good Job and Good Luck! I'll end up cheering you on, because JC won't do anything. He told me he was starting last monday and hasn't done a thing... :) oh well.