Friday, June 27, 2008

I really do mean to update

I've been a bit remiss in my updating, but in my defense, it's been a bit busy lately. I have some posts partially done that I will try and get to this weekend including Hannah's first trip to the zoo and my trip to Chicago for eBay Live.

It is the Gem Faire this weekend and afterwards the parents, Haylee and Krissy will be joining Malia and I at the pool. I'm pretty sure that there will be arguments over pool floaties combined with Malia attempting to teach Haylee how to swim even though she's not very good at it herself. I'm going to put Dad in charge of my camera as I plan on being in the water. It's supposed to be 96 on Saturday and Sunday. Welcome to summer. I got spoiled in Chicago where I'm sure it didn't get above 70. To come home to over 90? Yeah, that was tough.

Oh, gym update. I am pretty sure I gained back those 4 pounds that I lost while I was in Chicago. That city really is the one to eat in. I'm just going to have to work a little harder to get back on track. Also JC doesn't scare me. Buying exercise equipment is one thing, using it is another. Have Carin update us on how your are doing! =P

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Carin said...

BOWFLEX UPDATE: Just to let you know I use the Bowflex quite often. Two-a-days is what I like to call them. Even when the abs are screaming to stop , I still push on. My biceps are continuing to grow daily, not to mention my hip flexors (which Carin likes) I joke I joke.....all in all update---2 inches off the waist and 10 lbs (I'd translate that to metric for those who would like but I don't speak a foreign language.