Friday, September 12, 2008

Another post a long time in the works (AKA I'm lazy)

It's finally my turn to toss up pictures for others to steal. I have another lovely post that I've been meaning to toss up for awhile. Kami brought Hannah down a couple of months ago for her first visit to Hogle Zoo. She loved it! The day we were there happened to be opening day for the Conservation Carousel so there were people dressed up and they handed out cotton candy. Nothing like free sugar to start the day off right. There are pics from when we went to breakfast beforehand. I'm way too lazy to post each picture individually. This shouldn't come as a surprise since I'm just now getting around to uploading the pictures and creating a couple of slideshows. Photobucket only allows for 50 pics per slideshow so I had to split all the pics into two slideshows.

Maybe I'll add videos later, but they aren't really exciting. If you have an overwhelming desire to see videos of a pacing cheetah, weirdly calm meerkats, and I think there is one of me trying to get Hannah to pay attention to me, please let me know and I'll get around to posting them sometime this year.

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