Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brigham City Municipal Airport Appreciation Day

Not all the time when we head up to visit the parents do we just sit around all weekend and just hang out. Occasionally random fun things come up for us to do. Krissy called and invited Malia and I to head on out to the Airport Appreciation Day. They just recently finished up adding a new runway. Now, I know most of you are thinking what, Brigham City doesn't have an airport. Au Contraire my friends, it's just really small. Think Airport 2 small in the SLC Valley except I think that one may be slightly larger than the Brigham one. Anyway, apparently with this new runway they can now land up to a 737 size airplane. Pretty sweet eh? Yeah, I don't really know, it just sounds cool.

We were lured out by the promise of free hotdogs and soda. Unfortunately either they didn't plan for many people or they just forgot to say when they would be available because we go there before one and they were packing up the grill already. That tells me they'd stopped cooking hotdogs awhile ago because you sort of have to wait for it to cool down before breaking it down. They did still have some desserts left which you will see in the pictures. I have encountered the elusive candy bar on a stick. This one didn't have the candy coating stuff on it, but they were still delicious.

I didn't have my real camera with me so the pics aren't super good. Plus it was really windy and so it was hard to get shots that didn't have hair in the way. Haylee and Malia got to get in ambulances, University Hospital Life Flight helicopter and some crazy contraption some guy in Layton is still building which appears to be a one-person helicopter. Or as Rob called it "death trap". Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I like the pictures of them on the helicopter thing.(with them holding the handle bars) They both look like they are going to kill somebody.