Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Easter post - yeah it's a few months old

Since I was on a photo kick, I also organized some other pictures that Malia has taken on her camera. She took pictures over Easter when she got her bike. I'm not sure why there are half a dozen pictures of her Candyland game. It may be part of a plot to guilt my mom into playing with her again. Malia stacks the deck when she plays the game. I don't know exactly how she does it and it just may be dumb luck after all, but she always wins. She manages to get the right special cards to jump way ahead on the board, and always manages to get my mom to have the card that sends her way back near the beginning when she's close to the end and winning. Yep, my daughter is a Candyland shark and has now been banned from play for several months now. Maybe around Christmas time we'll play with her again. If she can refrain from cheating.

As a bonus to these pictures there are quite a few (blurry - sorry!) pictures of Hannah crawling around. She looks so adorable. Well, as adorable as you can look when you are blurry.


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