Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The first day of Kindergarten (aka Mommy breakdown)

So, I managed to not actually cry for Malia's first day of Kindergarten, but it was a near miss. I did tear up and got the catchy breath thing, but no falling tears so YAY me!!! I think the main reason I even did that was because we were running behind and I happened to drop her off at daycare as all the kids were getting ready to get in line for the bus. Dializ (daycare owner) has an alarm and when it goes off all the grade school kids know to grab their backpacks and get in line to go outside and meet the bus. She practically knocked me over in her excitement.

In fact the first thing out of her mouth that morning was "It's my first day of kindergarten, mom. I get to go on the bus." I'm still unsure if she was more excited about school itself or getting to ride the bus there and back from daycare. That's the best part to me... that I don't have to worry about her getting lost. Dializ takes them out to meet the bus which picks up right in front of the school. At school they get off right outside their classroom and then get picked up in the same spot. Dializ also made them name tags with all their daycare information and stuff so that they get directed to the correct bus after school. She then meets them after they are done.

Since I had taken the day off, I ran back home and finally got her room organized. Mind you, it's not clean yet, but I got all the different bins and shelves and drawers in place so that we have somewhere to put all her toys. It's so cute and I'll have to put up a picture when we get everything put away. I got them to match the color scheme of her bedroom so we've continued the lavender, lime green and pastel blue and pink. Yes, I hate the pink, but what can I do?

I picked her up just as she was finishing up lunch back at daycare. I meant to pick her up before so we could have lunch for her first day, but I sidetracked myself with the organizing. I hate cleaning and stuff, but once I get going I have a hard time finding a stopping place. So, instead of lunch we ran to the library and then went home. Once we unloaded the joy from the library we walked over to the little Korean BBQ place in the strip mall near our home. They have a pretty good selection of ice cream so Malia got her bubble gum ice cream while I had a lovely lunch of egg rolls. I forgot how much I like their egg rolls so hopefully in the future I remember.

Malia then told me about her day. They learned the rules about the playground, the classroom, had a snack and then they learned about the letter B. I'm assuming there was more to it than just discussing big B and little b, but she got sidetracked talking about the playground and I could not get her back on track. Apparently the Kindergarten plays on the blue playground, but Malia got a look at the red playground and has decided that she can hardly wait until she gets to play on it. The red one is apparently far superior to the blue one and I think it's because the red one has swings. On a side note, we had to practice swinging for about half an hour when we went on our picnic in the park so she could be ready for school. She was disappointed that she didn't get to use her newly acquired swinging skills because the blue playground doesn't have any. She did delight in telling me that she did not get in trouble a single time all day long.

So after the ice cream we walked back home and started to put some stuff away in her room but decided we'd rather just have fun so we played some Wii, watched a little Hello Kitty (not my choice, I read a smut novel instead), and that was her first day of Kindergarten. Well, she did tell Grandma and Grandpa all about the riding the bus. Maybe after awhile the novelty will wear off, but I'm pretty sure it's going to remain her favorite part for now.

Oh, this is what she tried to get me to let her wear for her first day: Tried, but did not succeed.


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