Thursday, September 18, 2008

Political Rant - may contain cursing

I have to admit a real disappointment in my gender. Recently all I hear and see are references to women throwing their hat in with McCain now that he has picked Palin as his running mate and Clinton is no longer in the race. This pick completely banks on Hillary supporters only being supporters because she is a woman, not because of her stance on issues. The posts I've read and comments I've overheard even outright admit that it's because she's a woman (I'll have to look them up, I'm too tired and irritated to do it right now). I have a real problem with this. I am not even remotely opposed to women being high up in government and I would have gladly voted Clinton come Election Day were she to be an option. NOT because she is a woman though. Her stances on most issues most closely reflect mine out of all the candidates over the last year and a half of campaigning. That is what my choice was based on, not that she is a woman.

These women who have determined they now support McCain when six months ago he was considered the devil to them because he was in opposition to their chosen female candidate should lose the vote. Frankly too many women over the years fought too hard to have a say in what happens in government for some to throw that away in my opinion. You should vote for the person you think would do the best job and who has beliefs and stances on subjects that are how you feel. You don't switch based on gender of the candidate. Palin and Clinton are nearly direct opposites when it comes to stance and policy. They don't believe in the same things nor would they fight for the same things. For women to make a switch because "She's a woman, she'll do stuff for me even though we don't agree on any issues and I really just want a woman up there because it's about damn time a woman was in the big time" is stupid and bullshit. Yes, I just called them all stupid and I just don't care anymore. To be fair, it's certainly possible that those who have now determined they are voting for Palin carried the same beliefs all along and were only backing Clinton because she was a woman, but my comment stands.

You shouldn't base your decision on who should be President and Vice President of the United States based on the gender of the person or even the race of the person. These are not what makes the person qualified or not qualified for the position. Also, why the big hubbub over experience in general? I don't get it. NONE of the candidates who have been part of the race have ANY experience being President of the United States. NONE!!

I honestly don't care who people vote for come Election Day if they are voting for who they truly believe will be the best person for the job. That's how I will make the choice. You look at the candidates and what they say and more importantly what they do to back up what they say and you make a decision on who you think should be elected. It's not difficult. It won't kill you to be informed. Don't vote for someone because that's how everyone else you know votes, or that's how your parents or your third cousin's uncle's sister votes. Inform yourself and make an INFORMED decision.

Sorry about the rant, but lately it's been driving me batty. Maybe I'm wrong though and it's all about which oppressed group's turn it is to have someone in a position of authority.

I do agree with Palin on one thing though. I too have no clue what the hell the Vice President does.

edit: I found out what the VP does. Wikipedia is helpful.


Britt said...

Here! Here! I completely agree with you. I take comfort in the fact that a lot of the people who switch their opinions based on race, gender, etc, and don't bother to keep up on the issues also don't bother to register to vote or vote.

Grouch said...

While I applaud Palin for being one of the first women to stand up for the presidency, she is out of her league. Some of her interviews hint at her being nearly out of touch with reality on many issues which are concerning citizens, such as the families pushing to get their children, and relatives stationed overseas, to come home.

These days, generally, women are more highly educated and effective in most high-end workplaces, and while the former president Bill Clinton's wife Hillary knew what she was doing, Palin does not. It is a far cry between being the vice-president and a senator.

I personally hope Hillary comes back in, if that occurred, I would actually vote this year.