Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Fun Walk

Good times were had this evening. Malia and I attended our first official party thing at her school. Yay! I ran the ticket booth. I was scheduled for an hour, but ended up there for like 2 1/2 hours because Malia was having such fun running around I couldn't bring myself to make her leave. As it was she was unhappy to be leaving because there were still people there... the PTA cleanup crew.

Anyway it was fun. I chatted with a mother of one of the afternoon kindergarten kids. I am a horrible person and can't remember her name, but should she happen upon this, you rock! I chit chatted and Malia ran around the playground. The GOOD playground. She was excited to play on the big kids playground because when she is at school she only gets to play on the little kid playground. Maybe I am blind, but the only difference I noticed was color. I think they just have to play on the one that is closer to their classroom, but when you are five (or 32) it's all about the grass being greener.

Grand tally for the evening:
4 hotdogs
1 Pepsi
1 bottle of water
2 face paintings
3 balloon "animals"
1 colored hairspray

Pictures here

Fun fact to share with you all. I apologize that this picture is not more clear, but it's still pretty good. On the bench in the picture there is a woman with a gold belt. That gold belt is on a denim jumpsuit. That's right. I didn't think that they still made them. While I think it's a fashion don't for multiple reasons (jumpsuit, denim need I say more) it did not look bad and I think was actually pretty flattering on this lady. However, they really should stop making these.

Bonus video from the last time we went to the zoo. Wrestling bears!

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