Monday, October 20, 2008

I finished one and have half of another done

I finished up Malia's costume last week, and she decided to parade it for everyone. I also got started on my own costume and with the exception of the sleeves I have the upper half of the dress finished. Luckily all the skirts entail are gathering the waist and sewing one of them to the top half and then hemming both of them because I think the sleeves may be the death of me. I already had to add in extra material in the bodice because I'm an idiot and forgot to adjust the pattern to account for the girls. I thought I accounted for fat arms, but I forgot to account for being able to move them as well. If I want to walk around the entire time I'm wearing the costume I can leave them as is. I don't like this option so I'm working on some ideas about doing something to them so they fit better. I've yet to find exactly the right layout, but I do have some pretty cute little stuffed hearts that I may use to widen the sleeves. I may just give up all together and wear my black sweater underneath. It's really thin and would probably help in the making sure the girls are covered as the neckline is a touch low. Here are a couple pictures of mine. It's kind of hard to tell what it looks like, but use your imagination.

Eh, here's the joy of Malia. Second picture is her "leopard face" a la batface from last year. It's not quite as good.

Ryan and Mel came over for enchiladas and entertainment by Malia (c). Malia also took pictures during the mini-party. Before they got here, she started taking rather random pictures. I was finishing up the velcro on the front of Malia's costume and had to pause because apparently her stuffed snow tiger was feeling under the weather and we had to heat up her rice bag and then she tucked the tiger into it. The first bunch of pictures are of that snow tiger and then of course she had to take a bunch of pictures of the birdcage. I say birdcage because I'm not sure you can see the bird. I don't remember where in the mix the picture is, but my favorite from the evening is when she let TC take a picture of her and Ryan. She got him to help her make a scary Halloween face. It was a lovely evening and there was only a minor break down when I turned off her Hello Kitty so I could check out the new show Crusoe. That didn't last long but not because of her tantrum. You'd think that you couldn't screw up a show based on a classic like Robinson Crusoe and involving pirates, but I had to force ten minutes of viewing before even I could no longer ignore the lack of goodness.

are the pictures from Malia's camera and Enchilada night.

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