Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a better day than I thought it would be

I kind of figured that today would not be a good day. It has however turned out to be a pretty good one. I think it's because I'm very happy with my new pants and my birthday shoes. This is the first time I've worn my birthday shoes to work and it's great. I scored the new pants at the DI.

Malia and I had to go get her a new jacket since she managed to lose her last one that fit somewhere between daycare and school but not on the bus. Yeah, I don't know what she did. She decided on a lovely jean jacket with embroidered flowers on it. It fits perfectly which means it may or may not last until it's time for winter coats.

Here's to keeping my fingers crossed and to my cute shoes.

Oh, and I got Malia's costume all cut out I just need to begin the fun of sewing it together. I am now reminded why I sew so rarely. I HATE pinning and cutting out the pattern. I think I need to look into paying someone else to do that part.

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