Friday, October 3, 2008

Malia fun and a Halloween teaser

Malia decided to tell me a story from school this morning while we were getting ready. Apparently her "boyfriend" at daycare told her that she didn't look pretty because her socks were never matched. She told him that it didn't matter what he thought because she thinks that she looks pretty with them. She elaborated that she doesn't care if someone else doesn't think she's pretty because she thinks she's pretty and that is what is important. I teared up a little bit to hear that she's so comfortable with herself. I realize she's only 5, but how many kids that age do you know who would make the statement? I'm so proud of her!

Night before last as I was delivering HOA fee to the HOA president Jeannie, her son Andy decides to challenge Malia to Mario Kart. He bets her a dollar that he can beat her. Andy is 17 almost 18 and likes to tease Malia. Well, she took him up on it and they shook hands. Andy brought his little brother over (I can't remember his name exactly, I think it may be Arlen) and they get to playing. Malia wiped the floor with him. He was so surprised that she beat him so handily. I tried to warn him that she uses at least 45 of her 90 minutes of tv/game time each night to play Mario Kart, but he didn't listen. Malia, of course, will probably tease him for quite some time. Or at least until she gets her dollar from him.

They came by again last night. This time we managed to talk Malia into letting him use the steering wheel with some fancy BS from me. I let her use my controller which has a green stretchy cover on it and told her it was my lucky one so she would be just fine to use it without the steering wheel. Well apparently it is lucky in that she still managed to beat Andy even with him using the steering wheel. She wasn't quite as good, but she realized that she needs to practice with the regular one so that she can beat anybody at any time. I did realize however that she's a very poor winner so we'll be working on that a bit.

And finally, the Halloween teaser you've all been waiting for. I purchased patterns for costumes about a month ago, but just haven't have time/money at once to get the material. Well, I went and picked up the material last night for Malia's costume. I'm going to hold off getting mine until I'm done with hers so I don't get confused/distracted. Malia decided last year that she wanted to be a cat for Halloween. Over the year she's been going back and forth on what kind. Well, about 3 months ago she finally decided on the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. She then informed me that I needed to be a character from the show too so we could match. Well, I'm just not young enough to pull off Alice, so I'm going to be the Queen of Hearts. Should be a good time. Back to material. Do you know how difficult it is to find pink and purple striped material? I looked all over the place and no one had any. I'm all for effort, but frankly I'm not going to cut up material and sew it piece by piece to make my own stripes. Luckily I was able to find a animal print in purple and pink flannel at Hancock Fabrics. They are usually way more expensive than anywhere else, but they are having a sale so I got it for 40% off... or the regular price I would pay elsewhere. They also had no solid flannels so the part for the tummy and the inside of the ears has little pink hearts on it. Malia informed me that I'm to try and get the hearts to be over where her real heart is because that would be cool. So anyway, it appears that instead of being the Cheshire Cat, she's going to be the Cheshire Jaguar or Leopard or whatever animal the print is supposed to be. I don't know these things, I just know stripy types like tigers and zebras. Those are easy to figure out. Eh, at least we found purple and pink in one fabric and we're both okay with that. Here is a picture of the material:



Kami said...

I am excited to see both the costumes! I am proud of you for making it. I think I missed the whole sewing thing. :)

Britt said...

Wow! You are ambitious, sewing costumes takes a lot of time. I'm sure it will be worth it though. Have fun.