Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More fun with the rugrat

I don't have anything particularly exciting going on right now except that I've finished up all my shopping completely. However I apologize in advance to JC/Carin/Zenock in case your package doesn't come before Christmas.

I realized last night that the recent stresses are taking a toll. After just about the crappiest last 5 days of work ever because of course everything breaks when I'm the only team member available, I needed a good baking to de-stress. I made chocolate chip cookies. Malia and my co-workers are quite happy about this. It was afterwards when Malia informed me that I wasn't any fun anymore and that I should take a hot bath and just relax and everything would be great. It just made me realize how in tune she is with my being in stress. I apparently need to deal with stress better and especially at home. I thought I'd share because really how many 5 year olds tell their mom to just take a nice hot bath and relax and everything will be just fine. She cracks me up and is such a delight even when she's a contributor to the stress sometimes.


Mandy B said...

WHAT?!?! Malia is the cause of stress sometimes? Little miss "i accidentally shut her head in the door"? LOL. That is really, really funny. I hope you took wise before her years' advice and took a hot bath. =)

Google said...

I hate my kids.

Britt said...

Wow! She's one smart cookie!