Wednesday, December 17, 2008

she shoots, she scores!

Rugrat went GREEN yesterday! She was so excited. I rewarded her by letting her take a toy out of the "give to the daycare because you keep getting red or orange" bin and she got to pick dinner. I know I'm not really supposed to reward her with food, but I caved and bought her Arctic Circle. I made the mistake of trying their "new" ham and cheese. Well, if it had just been ham and fake cheese it probably would have been fine, but there was some sort of bizarro sauce on there that was like a cross between honey mustard and hot dog relish. It was not a good cross.

Back to the fugrat...

I'm hoping that my new strategy is what prompted her to behave. Aside from the whole teacher having it in for her feeling, she really does need to be better about following the classroom rules and the main reason she keeps getting to orange is because she gets told to pull a yellow card and then cries about it and throws a fit which results in her getting an orange card for the tantrum. New rules at home are

Red = two toys in the bin mentioned above
Orange = one toy in the bin
Yellow = neutral, nothing happens with toys
Green = Remove one toy from the bin

I told her we wouldn't do anything with the bin of toys until it's full so at the very least I'm sure she'll get enough greens and yellows to keep the level of toys down in the bin. We'll see how that works. I am getting more information from the teacher about her behavior and what exactly she's getting in trouble for so things are getting better. I will be continuing to keep an eye on things though.

Edit: I just noticed I referred to Malia as the fugrat. Makes me giggle so I'm not changing it.

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Mandy B said...

i giggled at the fugrat oopsie too. glad you aren't changing it. kinda like my moovie. haha. congrats on the green! maybe it was your hot bath that helped. =)