Monday, February 2, 2009

I blame life

As most of you know, I've recently gone back to school. Because of this Malia and I aren't having as many adventures which explains the lack of posts. I keep thinking about posting about the cluster that has been getting back into school and the one surrounding health issues, but then I always decide that that stuff is just too boring and no one really wants to hear it. I figure I've bored you enough with the school issues. Well, that was a pretty long segue into telling about this weekend fun..

Saturday we got up bright and early, hit the Starbucks for some lovely hot chocolate and went and got taxes done, then had breakfast, then did shopping for a bridal shower gift, then went to the library, then got gas, and arrived only 15 minutes late to my cousin's bridal shower. Yeah, the morning felt like that sentence. Just kept going and going and I thought I would never get to the end. Anyway, the bridal shower was my kind of bridal shower. Food, chit-chat, open presents, dessert, then go home. No crazy games or any of that business. For this I salute Aunt Jamie. Also, what says a bunch of chicks getting together more than having a salad bar and then decadent cream filled desserts afterwards? Malia and Haylee were big fans of that part and here they are enjoying their treats. I'm pretty sure these were their third or fourth, but they were happy, so it's all good.

After the shower, my sisters and I dragged my mom and the girls along to the fabric store so we could get material for some shirts I'm making for them. I even got Kami to agree to let me make her a muu-muu. After which she will no longer be eligible to mock me for my love of them. I forgot to take pictures of the material, but here are the shirts I'm making first. First we have the muumuu, then Kami's shirt, then Krissy's shirt.

After the fun, Malia and I hit up the grocery store for snacky supplies and then got to the parents. I got up first thing Sunday morning and threw together the BBQ. It was a very simple recipe and it was beef and pork. I went with pork chops instead of pork butt. I'm sad because it would have entertained me to tell the family they were eating pork butt. Alas, Kent's grocery let me down and there was no pork butt to be had. I forgot to take a picture of everyone enjoying the sandwiches yesterday, but I'm having some of the leftovers for breakfast, so here is a picture of the yumminess. Oh yeah, there was football game too, but I don't care who won, it's just a good excuse to have yummy food and hang with the family.

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