Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer family addition #1 is here and I'm melting

Despite her efforts to the contrary, my new niece joined us this past Monday July 13th. I am SO jealous of the birthdate. I wanted to have my kid to someday be able to have a Friday the 13th birthday party, but NO, stupid hospital had to be all booked up on the 13th for inducements, so I had to go in on the 12th. I'll forgive her eventually for hanging out so long they had to remind her to come, but I'm expecting to be rewarded for doing so with her first smile or my name as her first word. I'm cool with either.

All joking aside, I'm way excited for my sister and her husband. They are thrilled to finally have her here and I am too. I'm sure everyone knows my thoughts on kids, but dangit, family is different and I'll be sure to hold her before she's six months old. I can hardly wait until this weekend to see her.

Here is a link to my sisters post with the initial pictures that are just so dang cute. I know, I'm making you all click extra to see pics, but I'm far too hot and lazy to get pictures posted here. Why am I hot in addition to my normal laziness? Well, once again the swamp cooler gods have taken out their wrath upon me. For whatever reason, the fan portion of the cooler will not actually start fanning. It sounds like something is wedged preventing it's movement. It'll be sometime next week before the handyman can come and fix it. I really hope it's not what I fear. There have been some problems with birds nesting in most inconvenient places in the various buildings in my condo complex and I worry that they've done so in my swamp cooler. The odds are slim, but we all know how I like to worry.

Meanwhile, I have improvised my very own swamp cooler. Never let it be said that I cannot produce moments of brilliance, because I'm pretty sure my jimmy-rigged swamper is beyond everyday genius. Luckily I have crappy sinus cavities. Because of this, I always have a mister running to add humidity to the air, except during the summer when I am running the swamp cooler. Well, I've moved that cool mister into the corner of my living room, just in front of an oscillating fan, creating my own version of a swamp cooler. I wish I'd thought of it yesterday afternoon, but it's been fantastic this afternoon. I think it is actually below 80 in my condo right now. That could be that the sun is starting to go down, but I prefer to attribute my genius pseudo swamp cooler.

I leave you with this. Skip to 0:55 for the punchline.

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