Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trio of fun

I've been looking through some pictures that I have handy and thought I'd share with you. The first is my current favorite picture of the rugrat and it's also my desktop picture at work. Every time I see it I just chuckle because it's so very her. That's her "Moe face".

This was my father's Halloween costume last year and I know I've shared it before, but man it makes me laugh. She really enjoys the Three Stooges cartoon that is on Boomerang and the plan is to introduce her to the real thing courtesy of my fathers DVDs when we're up visiting over the holidays.

Speaking of my father, I must share my current favorite picture I have of him. It's going to be next on the desktop rotation when I get sick of Molia. Haha, get it? Moe/Malia. Yeah, I'm easily entertained. I thought the following picture was taken at a friends wedding reception. The one where my two worlds collided due to my sister Krissy's best friend from when they were kids marrying one of my best friends. Technically they are both my friends, but it was just weird to attend a wedding of a friend of mine where my family was also invited. Anyway, upon reviewing it a touch closer, I don't know if it was at the wedding or another get together involving BBQ of some sort. Regardless, it's fantastic imagery.

This picture rocks because my dad should be moonlighting as the Colonel. I'm pretty sure he could make some money if he just bought a nice white suit and got the beard a touch more pointy.
I'd like to point out that he made that bolo tie and I wish that I liked them as a fashion statement for myself because he's made some beautiful ones. The man loves a good rock!

The third picture is of my niece Hannah. My sister Kami recently had my other sister Krissy take some family photos. Yes, my parents named us Kelly, Kristen, Kami, and yes, my dad never gets our names right when more than one of us is present. =) This picture is my favorite of the bunch because it just captures, to me, the "essence" of my niece. Big old grin, but the attitude is apparent in the hands on the hips.

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Mandy B said...

Those are great pictures and the Molia was funny. I giggle as I am also easily entertained. The picture of the colonel is indeed at our BBQ reception. You can barely see my poofy hair in the back. LOL. I need to get better pics of my family.