Thursday, August 5, 2010

My mom was eaten by a shark

So, Malia and I are sitting around watching Shark Week. It is the most wonderful time of the year and I'm very glad that she enjoys the shows as much as I do. And no, I don't let my almost 7 yr. old watch the shows with the reenactments of attacks and whatnot. She likes the scientific research ones like Ultimate Air Jaws. She's also quite happy that she's got another loose tooth and like the first two, it's being pushed slowly out as the adult tooth comes in. I'm really starting to wonder now if all her teeth will do this. She loves it because she has "shark teeth" in that she's got two rows of teeth temporarily. I believe I have discussed this before so sorry, I tend to repeat. Especially things that I find super entertaining.

Anyway, we're watching some show with cage diving and we have the following conversation...

RR: When are you going to go cage diving with sharks?
Me: I promised your Grandma that I wouldn't go until you were 18 so she didn't have to raise you.
Me: (laughed so hard I snorted)
RR: Fine, go, then if something happens and you die, could it please be because you were eaten by a shark?
Me: What?
RR: How cool would it be if people asked me why I didn't have a mom and my Grandma was raising me and I could say "She was eaten by a shark"? That would be pretty sweet.
Me: Thanks, good to know my being eaten by a shark would be a conversation piece for you.
RR: Well, you have to die sometime, I'm just saying being eaten by a shark isn't something that you hear every day. I'll be really sad when you die, but at least this way it would also be a little funny and I wouldn't be as sad.
Me: Point taken. Let's not discuss my imminent death by shark though please. Just watch the show.

Is it any wonder I love this child? Good times at our house.

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thejess's said...

Haha I seriously hope Berklee is as funny as Malia! She says the funniest things I love it!!!