Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rugrat's school fun

I'm sure all of you know, because I talk about it all the time, the rugrat is in a special program for school. She's in her second year of Chinese Dual Immersion. Recently KSL came to her school and a couple of others for the French and Spanish and did some filming to do a story on the entire program. I encourage any of you with Kindergartners, or younger to look into this program. It's amazing how well the kids take to it and as you can hear in the program, the kids in the dual immersion programs consistently score higher overall academically so it's certainly not hurting them to learn a second language.

KSL Video

Oh, and look! Here is the rugrat in a screenshot. She's the one in the red sweatshirt on the far right. If you want to see her in the video itself, look for the 1:30 mark and there she'll be. :)

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