Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Projects

I'm not going to bother with a lot of chit chat today. I had a couple of projects to get sewed this weekend and I'm going to show off the pictures.

First up, we have a changing table pad cover for my sister Kami who is expecting her third child (first boy!) in December. I just want to say that the minkee material that she wanted was a pain in the behind to hem, but through much gnashing of teeth and not a few curse words, I got it to work.

Picture one is the finished product before she picked it up.

Picture two is the finished product placed on the change table pad.

The next project was a little more difficult. Why, you ask? Because I had no patterns. That's right, I had to wing it. My niece (from my other sister) wants to be Jasmine for Halloween and my nephew is going to be a penguin. You'll note that I didn't say he wanted to be a penguin. He's two, he doesn't really care all that much. But he does a FANTASTIC impression of a penguin walking around so it'll be good. I didn't take pictures of the little feet and beak that I made, but take my word for it, they are great.

Anyway, for the Jasmine costume, I used a pair of Haylee's pants and a shirt I bought in her size to trace to get a feel for the size. I would like to apologize to my mom, but I used a bit of wrapping paper for this because I couldn't find any other paper that would fit. It worked, but those "patterns" had to be tossed afterwards. I made a vest and a pair of harem pants. It's hard to see in the pics but the vest is a lavender corduroy with sparkles in it, and the pants are a rayon blend so they are kind of silky. First picture, just the vest with it's beautifully crafted detailing around the edges.

Second pictures, the vest and the harem pants.

Not pictured, the purple long sleeved t-shirt I found for her to wear under the vest, the veil/crown thing my sister is going to make, and the black wig that she's going to borrow from her mother-in-law.

So, that was my weekend, in between wrestling niece, nephew and rugrat for brief periods of time. Oh and I snuck in a book or two because it's not a weekend without having read a couple of books.

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