Friday, August 7, 2009


I know it's not super exciting but I have wanted one of these forever. My mom has one and I have coveted. Yeah I know, commandment #whichever says not to covet, but that specifies a wife so I think I might be okay.

The main reason I have wanted one is because of space. Not the final frontier of, the lack of in my condo and especially my kitchen. I now have somewhere that is not a countertop or fridge drawer to put fresh veggies and fruits. Woo!

Oh yeah, pretend you can't tell how badly my window is in need of washing. I'm lazy, sue me. Or not because if I am this excited about getting a hanging basket for my window, I probably don't have anything worth winning in a lawsuit. Except maybe the extensive smut collection and that you will have to pry from my cold dead hands.

Happy Friday or whatever day it is when you read this.