Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rugrat's school fun

I'm sure all of you know, because I talk about it all the time, the rugrat is in a special program for school. She's in her second year of Chinese Dual Immersion. Recently KSL came to her school and a couple of others for the French and Spanish and did some filming to do a story on the entire program. I encourage any of you with Kindergartners, or younger to look into this program. It's amazing how well the kids take to it and as you can hear in the program, the kids in the dual immersion programs consistently score higher overall academically so it's certainly not hurting them to learn a second language.

KSL Video

Oh, and look! Here is the rugrat in a screenshot. She's the one in the red sweatshirt on the far right. If you want to see her in the video itself, look for the 1:30 mark and there she'll be. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review - Packing for Mars

Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the VoidPacking for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! The level of detail and research into the subject is really quite amazing. I love how she explains the mechanics of how we deal with space and all it's quirks. It's great insight into the true costs of the space program and I feel as though I understand a bit better why the time lines for the Moon or Mars or anywhere are so long. The amount of research and testing and just plain inventiveness of the people who work for NASA is just amazing. I also loved the little bits and pieces of astronaut trivia and quotes from missions that show that even through the seriousness of their endeavors, they still had a sense of humor. Some more appropriate than others. The less appropriate ones are far funnier, just so you know!

I also loved that the author didn't limit either her research or writing to just the US Space Program. The interviews and information about the Japanese and Russian programs was fantastic. I loved the Japanese astronaut selection process and frankly even if I were totally qualified in EVERY other way, I would fail the crane test. Origami is just not my strong suit. =)

If you have even the remotest interest in the space program I recommend this book. Especially if you think you know what NASA does with the money it receives. You'd be surprised and I salute the men and women around the world for their efforts to get us out there to see what's going on. Like the author says at the end of the book, sometimes you SHOULD do something just because you can and going into space should be one of those things.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The most important post ever!!!

That's right, a countdown to my 6 WEEK long sabbatical from work.

Oh yeah, and we're going to DisneyWorld