Monday, March 7, 2011

My family thinks I'm dumb

I had the following separate conversations with my mom and my sister over the weekend discussing my impending trip to Mexico with Buddha.

Mom: Don't get kidnapped.
Me: It's not really on the agenda, so I'll try not to.
Mom: We won't pay the ransom. We don't have the money.
Me: Well, thanks?
Mom: Well, I'll cry if it happens and we'll miss you, but you'd pretty much be stuck.
Me: I feel the love, thanks.

Krissy: You aren't taking my niece to Mexico are you?
Me: Not this trip, maybe next summer.
Krissy: You aren't funny. I hope you don't get kidnapped.

Really family? Do I strike you as being completely inept?
Don't answer that, because apparently the answer is yes. Just for that, no Mexican blankets or maracas for you. =P