Thursday, July 1, 2010

More fun with water

Well, it's been awhile since I last had to do a home improvement project involving plumbing. You may recall the Great Toilet Repair of 2008 where I got to replace the entire innards of my toilet and only got one injury. Well, I'm going to be doing another one after this long weekend. Why not now? Well, because I'm going to the parents tonight to stay through the weekend, so it'll be a project for when I get home.

The fun begins when the rugrat and I got up this morning to get ready. Got all our stuff together and I went in to get the shower started. I turned the hot water on first (as is my habit) and then went to turn on the cold water to blend them nicely for a fantastic way to start off the morning. Much to my chagrin, the cold side knob just kept turning and turning and never turned on water. It seems as though the inner portion teeth have worn to the point that the knob grabby things (technical term - I'm a professional) are no longer grabbing anything. I will need to replace this faucet, which means I might as well replace both of them. I do like matching some things.

As a result of this, and because both the rugrat and I needed to not be fragrant for the day, I had to fill the tub with hot water, then add cold water from the sink faucet until it was bearable. I had to do this twice, because frankly, I'm not using the rugrat's dirty water. I swear that child turned the water gray. Anyway, NOT a fun morning and it took twice as long as usual to get going. Which means I didn't get packed as I'd planned, so I have to do it after work. Which means I'll be heading up to the parents even later and probably won't get there until they've gone to bed. At least I have a key. =)

So, stay tuned for the fun as I'll be fixing the faucets upon my return next week. Should be a good time, and I plan on showering at the parents right before I head home so that I have a little leeway.