Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two Topics of fun

Two bits of fun. The first being that it was haircut time for Malia and I. We went last night. I don't have a picture of mine, but here's a good shot of hers (which she loves but is mad that I didn't let her cut it shorter like mine):


The other fun being the online dating profile that I put up. I know, I'm that big of a nerd.

I noticed while looking at it that it states Maybe under the Wants Children section. I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed as evidenced by the above picture. I realize that there are two separate questions and it only shows one on the profile. There is a "Do you have children" and a "Do you want children or if you have them, would you like more". They only show the second one. I know, it's beyond ridiculous that this bothers me so badly, but oh well.

I'll put in a picture of my haircut for those of you not physically present in Utah once I get unlazy.


The cyclic drama of life said...

Well get unlazy already I wanna see it. I can't believe how big she is!! And oh my wow at how much she looks like you!!

galadriel said...

So, this would involve say too much effort on my part to have someone take a picture. I'll attempt with the webcam tonight... just for you!

Also, she's a mini-me all around. Not just looks, but personality. Stubborn little butt sometimes. =)~