Sunday, December 7, 2008

An adventure in shopping

This isn't really an adventure, but I'm irritated by others after spending yesterday afternoon finishing up Christmas shopping. I have determined that next year for sure I am not entering any store other than for essentials after halloween. People are idiots when it comes to sales. Sales associates are also idiots and I must share the one encounter yesterday that really made me angry.

I carried my purchases at the old Mervyn's going out of business sale (which was rather nice, but I'm not going back in there) to the checkout where the following conversation took place:

Cashier: (looking at one of the items) I hope you aren't going to be putting liquor in those.
Me: Certainly not! Those are beer glasses, not brandy snifters.
Cashier: Same difference
Me: Well no, it's not. If you'd said alcohol then you could say same difference.
Cashier: Whatever, I really hope you aren't putting anything alcholic in them.
Me: Well, they aren't for me so I won't be putting anything in them, but the person they are for does not drink, but will really enjoy them regardless. Outside of that, it's really none of your business and rather inappropriate for you to even be giving me such crap.
Cashier: Drinking is bad for you.

He then refused to speak to me while he finished ringing me up except to tell me my total. The lady running the register next to him apologized to me and he gave her a dirty look.

Regardless of feelings about alcohol and it's goodness or badness, this kid was not joking and I was really annoyed by his insistence that I must not put alcohol into BEER glasses. I kind of wonder what he says to the people that buy wineglasses. I have wineglasses, but the only thing that goes into them is martinellis.

Sorry, but this just made me angry.

On the upside I am now finished with my Christmas shopping except for my brother because I apparently managed to completely forget purchasing him something. Hope I remember JC, or you're sharing Carin's present. ;)


Jessica said...

Kelly, let me remind you. Drinking is GOOD for you!
What an assbag. Mind his own damn'd biz and ring your items up.

Jealous you are done with Christmas shopping. I'm procrastinating day by day....

Garrett said...

It's dumb asses like that who give us non-drinkers a bad rap

suzie said...

What an ass! Holy Smokes. I think I would have started an arguement just because that's the kind of girl I am ;)

I love the word "ASS BAG" that was used above! I'ts my word of the day.

Britt said...

Seriously? How old was this guy? I am appalled.

kelly said...

He appeared to be right around 18 years old. The lady working the other register was probably early to mid-fifties. She was very disapproving and I kind of hope he got a talking to about inappropriate comments to customers.

dbh said...

You are almost done with Christmas shopping?! I barely put in my first online order on Tuesday and half the stuff is on back order. I'm a bit of a grinch this holiday.

amy morgan said...

Maybe he's just mad 'cause at the end of the month he's not gonna have a job anymore! And so he's determined to make everyone else mad too?! Sheesh.