Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning Drives like this one make it all worth while

Sometimes even the crappiest run of luck can have some outstandingly great times. Yes, I'm pretty sure I just made up a word, but it's my job so it's okay. This morning compared against yesterday was pretty fantastic. Not anything too spectacular, but just a good morning. Malia seems certain that she will get green today. She told me that every time she takes her Aurora doll as her toy for the day she gets green. So that is the toy she took this morning. The thought of this seemed to put her in a receptive mode because I only had to ask her one extra time to get dressed. I think the extra bedtime story is working to help her get to sleep. That and she enjoys it when I occasionally get tongue-tied reading her Dr. Seuss. We read two of the each night and her new favorite is Fox in Socks. That's the only one that really gets me because it's so easy to accidentally speed up when reading it out loud. She also really likes Green Eggs and Ham and has starting at least trying foods that I make instead of dismissing them outright as something she doesn't like. Who loves Dr. Seuss? I love Dr. Seuss.

As we jumped in the car to take her to daycare we were listening to a little Amy Winehouse. Again I must thank my friend for making me actually listen to her. I'd been reading about her in the tabloids for months but had never actually listened to her. I'm glad I did. Anyway, the following conversation took place:

Me: This is kinda dancing music, don't you think?
Malia: Yep, my bum cheeks are dancing!
Me: Oh yeah? Good music for it then.
Malia: My right one is doing the cha-cha and my left one is doing the ants in my pants dance.
Malia: Oh wait, now they are both doing the Dave Mustaine rocks dance.

That's right, my five year old daughter referenced Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. She's also asked if I could get her some of his music because he rocks. This is due to an episode of Duck Dodgers where they defrost Dave Mustaine from being cryogenically frozen to come back and defeat the Martians easy listening Saxophone. I may have to hit up my Uncle Rick for some of his Megadeth collection since they are his favorite band.

She also popped out another gem as she was taking her jacket off at daycare. She told me, "My life was really great when I was three. I kind of miss those days." I wish I knew where she came up with some of this stuff, but that one had me and Dializ (daycare owner) nearly in tears laughing. My daughter is weird and I absolutely love it!

Here is the Dave Mustaine Duck Dodgers for your viewing pleasure:

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Britt said...

Are you sure she's only five? She's hilarious!