Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quickie for a friend

This post is just to tide folks over until I have time to put up the big one about the Weekend of Birthday Fun. haha, I'm such a dork and you all love it.

Saturday, the day after the day of Dinosaur fun, my sister Kami and I decided to go "rummaging". Brief backstory on rummaging is that is what our Grandma Bonnie and her friend Kay called going to garage sales back in the day. So, after dropping of some stuff at Krissy's garage sale, we jumped in the Tahoe and were off... and then not off, because we realized that we didn't really want to aimlessly drive around town or we'd never get to everything. So back to the parents we went and got the paper so we could plan our attack. I had no cash, and Kami had $15. Normally that is more than enough for a day of rummaging, but we hit the jackpot eventually. The first couple were just kind of run of the mill stuff, but I was able to score a sweet Rick Astley CD for $1.50. They were having a 50% off everything so I got quite the deal. Kam picked up some scrapbooky stuff for 50 cents, which is apparently really good pricing. Yeah, I don't know, some letters or something. I'm not really up to speed on the lingo o' scrapbooking.

So, down to $13 we wandered aimlessly through a couple more run of the mill sales. Eventually we ended up at the best one. We encountered this bastion of all that is doll related goodness (to a little girl anyway):

That is a "ginormous" dollhouse. That's Malia's word by the way and it comes up almost to my waist. The lady wanted $15 for it, but we only had $13. Unfortunately some other person had expressed interest and had gone to get $15 so the lady wouldn't budge on price. Kami then went through her ashtray of change and came up with 2 more dollars and we walked away with the prize. We then hit up the bank so we could continue the fun. We found some great cookie/candy jars for Kami, a little rocky chair for Hannah, and I got some sweet suitcases at a little old lady's sale. That pretty much sums up the day of rummaging, but we're planning on doing on down here in SLC because I'm pretty sure we can find more. It only took us about 2 hours to hit up all there was available in Brigham City.

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Jon said...

I LOVE yard sales!!!!!!!!