Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun conversation with Malia

Sometimes I have the most odd, yet entertaining conversations with Malia. The way her mind works cracks me up and creeps me out sometimes. We were chatting on the drive up to Peach Days last weekend when the following conversation occurred just after we passed Smith & Edwards.

Photobucket Image Hosting: Mother, I've decided what I want to be when I grow up.
Photobucket Image Hosting: Oh yeah?
Photobucket Image Hosting: I've decided I want to be a cowboy when I grow up, only I'll be a girl, not a boy.
Photobucket Image Hosting: I thought you were going to be a Marine Biologist. What changed your mind?
Photobucket Image Hosting: There are scary things under the ocean and I decided I don't want to swim with them.
Photobucket Image Hosting: Okay, then what are you going to do when you are a cowgirl.
Photobucket Image Hosting: I think I'll ride horses and wrestle some cows. I might even wrestle some bulls too if I get big enough.
Photobucket Image Hosting: ...

There you have it. My daughter wants to grow up to ride horses and wrestle cows and bulls. I don't really know how I feel about this, but it's entertaining. I love her definition of what it means to be a cowgirl.

Before anyone asks, she does indeed call me mother. Either when she has something she considers really important to talk about or when she's angry with me. It's rather entertaining.


Mel said...

Thanks for giving us a good laugh during lunch. The picture you chose of Malia is awesome.

Britt said...

That's terrific! She's really a thinkier.