Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pre and Post Adventure to the Zoo

It appears that I am an idiot because I'm having difficulty figuring out this new gallery that I'm setting up. So you'll just have to click a link to actually see the pictures until I can figure it out. Also, I can't get her actual pictures from the zoo to load up so you get to see the pre-zoo and post-zoo ones.

On with the fun. Prior to going to the Zoo on Sunday, I replace the batteries in Malia's camera. She wandered around the house taking pictures while I was getting things ready to head to the zoo. I think my favorite is the picture she took of the light switch. Apparently she liked the way it looked against the green. You can't tell it's green because the flash on her camera went a little bright. I haven't figured out how to turn it on or off yet.


After we left the zoo and jumped in the car to head home apparently Malia decided to take some pictures. I had no idea that she even took these until I was unloading pictures from her camera. I wondered why she was giggling the entire ride home. Now that I think about it, I should have noticed a flash. It appears that the flash on her camera is auto-adjust to light. That makes it even cooler than I previously believed.


I promise to continue trying to get the actual zoo pictures up as soon as possible.

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