Monday, September 8, 2008

Peach Days 2008

Peach Days is just about the best time of year. It's not that it's much different than your run of the mill festival or carnival, it's just that it's "ours". I've never missed a Peach Days and I've only missed the parade once (Paul's Patch employee Number One!). I apologize in advance for there not being many pictures, but I rarely take my camera with me because then I'd have one less hand for carrying yummy food!

Friday evening Malia and I got to my parents about 7:00. This was about an hour later than I'd planned, but I blame traffic. Stupid people taking my sneaky backroads and making them all backed up. I think I spent an hour between Bountiful and Farmington. My brother with his impeccable timing decided to call just as we were getting ready to walk down and get some dinner so we didn't head down until after 7:30. I decided to hold off on the Scuba Burger and have one with Mel and Ryan, so after we got our peach cobbler (yummy!), I headed to the pulled pork line while the parents took Malia to get a hot dog and get themselves Scubas. I love the pulled pork sandwich place because it's not just the sandwich. They give you baked beans which are wonderful and they make these peach fritter things that I'm going to attempt making if I can find decent peaches. After some massive Malia wrestling on the part of all three of us, random distractions of Dad by every person we walked past, and not giving in to my desire to duct tape my daughters mouth shut permanently, we got back to the house and had dinner.

Bright and early Saturday morning Kami arrived with Hannah and the race to get ready to go to the parade began. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a 5 year old ready who is both excited beyond belief and not wanting to do anything you ask? Trust me when I say it's no party. Eventually we got going with the parents and met up with Krissy and Haylee and Rob. We got to our prime spot in front of Zions Bank (thank you Krissy's work) and sat down to wait. Here are a couple of pictures that I've shamelessly stolen from my sisters blog of us waiting for the parade to begin.


It was near impossible to get us all looking at the camera so Kami just finally gave up and went with this one.

We made it through the parade, took all our stuff back and then headed down to find some lunch. We bypassed the stuff by the Scuba burgers and headed down past the carnival and rides with Malia hollering the entire time about how she NEEDED to ride a ride right then. We were able to distract her, but only with the promise that she'd get to ride something later in the day. We ended up hitting the booth put on by the La Familia restaurant in Logan. Holy huge burrito. I'm pretty sure it was almost as big as my head, and I have a pretty big head. They also had some pretty good tamales. Malia had water and spent most of the time the parents and I were eating complaining about how she just wanted a hot dog. We finished up eating and then wandered through a few booths. Malia got some lovely butterfly fairy wings. I got a sweet paperweight that I've just realized I left on my parents mantleplace of a dragon. I talked my dad into buying one that was a southwest scene with wolves for mom. It's pretty sweet. Hopefully I will remember to get mine when I visit next time. Grr, I can't believe I forgot it. Soon after finding the wings, we found a book booth and mom got some new peek-a-boo books that Hannah loves to replace the ones that are falling apart having been used through multiple grandkids by now. Mom also got a really cool book on Africa that has pieces so you can put together a diorama of animals. I think she and Malia are going to put it together next time we're up there and maybe I'll remember to do pics. We grabbed Malia a hotdog because that's the only thing she'd eat and headed back for lunch and naptime.

Well, naptime didn't actually start for Malia until approximately 10 minutes before everyone started showing up for the late afternoon fun. Mel and Ryan got there and after a brief (okay maybe half an hour) delay including a tour of the parents house, we headed down for the fun. All Malia wanted was to ride some rides, so she got to do some of the inflatable slides and obstacle course. Then we wanted through some booths and bought some frogs. Here's to hoping she doesn't kill them off like she did the fish. After we were done wandering and gave up the quest to find a deep fried twinkie we went back to the inflatables and Malia had some more fun. Oh, and I wasn't looking for the twinkie for me, I was just hoping to find where they were so I could direct dad the right way. We ran into Krissy and Haylee so the riff raff got to do some sliding and bouncing together and then we ran into Natalie with Ava and Dylan. So, I ended up being the adult supervision to take Malia, Haylee, and Dylan on the Carousel. I wouldn't have gone on it except they had no seatbelts and I didn't trust Haylee to be able to retain her seat on the horse if she got too excited. Here is a lovely slideshow of pictures of Malia on various slides courtesy of Ryan's iPhone (man, I want one).

After this fun, we again headed for food and got our Scuba burgers (
mmmm, finally had my Scuba burger. It's the best burger and pretty close to the only one I have all year long) and headed back to my house where Mel and Ryan were again subjected to crazy Kelly family entertainment. Ryan and Mel can now vouch for the fact that I can be out-talked though so that's possibly a good thing. Hope you guys had fun at your first Peach Days and that my family didn't scare you too much. =)

I did manage to miss out on the book sale this year, but I'm holding up okay with the loss. Malia passed out on snuggling with me at around 9:00 Saturday night and didn't wake up when I took her into bed so I call the day a complete success.


Mel said...

Great pictures! I love the flower on Malia's head.

Oh yeah, you were a great hostess and tour guide for Peach Days. :)

Kami said...

Hey-- Those are my pictures you shamelessly stole from my blog. :) I will forgive you though. I think this is the second time in a month that I have had to give you pictures of YOUR daughter because you have not been prepared. ha ha ha