Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas teaser

I can get away with this post because my daughter is only 5 and she doesn't read this blog (or much of anything just yet). I purchased her Christmas present today. She's been pestering me for awhile to play on the computer and for the first time last night she got really angry that I wouldn't let her play around on my Macbook. I've been meaning to get something that I can hook up to the internet to let her play around because every kids DVD anymore includes online games and stuff like that. I figure it'll help her with figuring stuff out and reading as well if she can play around. Also I don't want her on my laptop. Too many possibilities for it ending badly.

EDIT: This is not to replace the sweet kids laptop my parents got her for Christmas last year. She loves that thing and it's great, but it can't go online. :(

Long story short, I found the perfect computer for her today. It's not super fast and it isn't super fancy, but it should be a fun first computer for her.

This would be an iMac old school:

Specifications :
* Serial # : RN0115T2J89
* 400 MHz Processor
* 320 MB Memory
* 10 GB Hard Drive
* CD-RW Drive

Includes :
* Apple iMac Blueberry Computer
* Apple Power Cord
* Apple iMac Blueberry Keyboard
* Apple iMac Blueberry Mouse

The problem now will be me having to wait 2 1/2 months to give it to her.

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