Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two unrelated topics

Saturday Malia and I decided to head up Emigration Canyon this last Saturday. We hadn't been up and she wanted to take pictures of the leaves. I know, we're a little late, but it was still fun. We got about 2/3 up the canyon before the rain turned to snow. We went up until the turn off for Pine something or other and decided to head back down since it was starting to really come down. I thought the snow would stop sooner as we came down the canyon, but it was still snowing as we passed the zoo. I think it was still snowing until we got to around 2000 E. I've added a link to Malia's gallery of pictures. Per usual, she decided to start taking pictures before we even left the house. Also, as an aside I noticed a ton of houses up for sale. I really wish I were in a position to purchase a home up there because I really like it. I love all the trees and being near the creek.

Malia's pictures

I slept funny a couple of nights ago and my neck has been sore ever since. I started getting the mother of all headaches earlier today and decided to leave work a touch early. After picking up Malia from school we headed home and I decided to finish up a project that I started well over a year ago. Possibly even two years ago. My mother gave me some great hand towels in an Elephant motif that match my bedroom decor. These were to make rice filled heating bags. They are simple but brilliant. They move around and mold way better than a heating pad and they don't get so hot, plus you can use them as a cold pack to if you freeze them. Anyway, I finally sewed mine up and have been wearing it for the last hour and a half and it's still plenty warm from the 2 minutes in the microwave. My neck feels a hundred times better.

Bonus gallery from my last visit to my parents. My niece Hannah is such a cheese for the camera.

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